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Providing Individual Pension Counseling & Assistance

The South Central Pension Rights Project   PO Box 41256  Austin TX 78704   Phone: 800 443-2528

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“We Provide Free Pension Counseling and Information Services Regardless of Age or Income

Personalized assistance to investigate and advance claims for earned retirement income benefits:

  • Locating “lost” retirement income benefits from former employers
  • Obtaining and evaluating governing plan documents and other relevant information
  • Resolving disputes over benefit eligibility or amounts

Personalized answers to basic questions about retirement income benefits and the laws that govern them:

  • Rights and remedies for spouses, former spouses and survivors of pension earners
  • Plan conversions and modifications
  • Reductions or suspensions in benefits
  • Plan terminations and related matters with the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation and private annuity providers

If you or your spouse live or worked in Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma or Texas, or if your pension plan is located in any of those states, we can assist you.

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The South Central Pension Rights Project PO Box 41256  Austin TX 78704
Phone: 800 443-2528